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5 Must-Visit Beautiful Areas in Greece, starting from Athens

Greece and particularly Athens is an all year around destination. Explore amazing archaeological sites, experience its vibrant nightlife, discover breathtaking locations and be immersed by its unique urban vibe. Athens is also the most ideal location to start your day trip from. In this article you will find out everything you need to know about the best options for a day trip, next time you are going to visit Athens.

All about the amazing Cape Sounion

All About Cape Sounion: A must-read guide before visiting the area. Sounion is the southernmost point of Attica to the east, about 40 miles from Athens. Because it commanded the seafaring lanes to and from Athens it was was fortified to guard the maritime interests of the Athenians. Today, it is an archaeological site crowned by the elegant Doric Temple of Poseidon.

Wonderful Argolis

Wonderful Argolis: A 360° guide for your next trip. The Argolis is an archaeological treasure house and thus a tourist trade centre: Mycenae (Mykínes) was the home of Agamemnon, Tiryns the birthplace of Heracles, Epidaurus (Epídavros) the home of an ancient healing cult. In ancient times the Gulf of Argolís gave Greece access to trade and exchange of ideas from Crete and Egypt. The city of Árgos gave its name to the plain. Nauplia (Návplio) is a seaport and seaside resort. It was also the first capital of an independent Greece in the 19th century.



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