Delphi is one of the most popular day trips from Athens, and for good reason. This ancient site is home to some of the most impressive ruins in Greece, and it’s located in a beautiful mountain setting that offers stunning views of the surrounding countryside. If you’re looking for a Delphi day trip from Athens, Tag Athens offers a fantastic tour that includes a visit to the Treasuries, which are some of the most fascinating features of the site.

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Getting to Delphi with Tag Athens


Tag Athens offers a comprehensive tour of Delphi that includes transportation from Athens, a licensed tour guide, and entrance fees to the ancient site and museum. The tour departs from Athens early in the morning and takes about two and a half hours to reach Delphi. Along the way, you’ll enjoy stunning views of the countryside and learn about the history of the region from your knowledgeable guide.


Exploring the Treasuries


The Treasuries of Delphi were small buildings that were constructed by various city-states of ancient Greece to house their offerings to the god Apollo. These offerings were often made of gold, silver, and other precious materials and were intended to show the city’s devotion to the god. There were several treasuries built at Delphi, each with its own unique style and decoration.

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The Tag Athens tour of Delphi includes a visit to several of these treasuries, including the Treasury of Athens, the Treasury of Siphians, and the Treasury of the Thebans. The Treasury of Athens is one of the most impressive, with intricate carvings that depict scenes from Greek mythology. The Treasury of Siphians is also notable for its elaborate decoration, which includes scenes of mythical creatures and heroes.


In addition to the treasuries, the Tag Athens tour of Delphi includes a visit to the Temple of Apollo, which was once the center of the oracle at Delphi. The temple is located at the heart of the ancient site and is surrounded by several other impressive ruins, including the Theater, the Stadium, and the Tholos.

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If you’re interested in exploring the ancient history of Greece, a day trip to Delphi from Athens with Tag Athens is an excellent option. The tour includes transportation, a licensed guide, and entrance fees to the ancient site and museum. You’ll have the opportunity to explore the treasuries, which are some of the most fascinating features of the site, as well as other impressive ruins like the Temple of Apollo. With its stunning mountain setting and rich history, Delphi is a must-visit destination for anyone travelling to Greece.

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