Let’s go on an Adventure

Day Trips and Tours with #tag ATHENS

Let’s go on an Adventure

Day Trips and Tours with #tag ATHENS

Let’s go on an Adventure

Day Trips and Tours with #tag ATHENS
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    Thanks to all the #tag ATHENS team, we had the most amazing experience visiting the archaeological site in Delphi. The place was incredible, the view was amazing, the limo minibus was the most pleasant surprise ever and our tour guide was highly experienced and professional. We will definitely book with you again on our next trip to Greece.

    John P., June 26, 2021

    The Cape Sounion tour blew our minds away. The view was spectacular and our tour leader was great. He gave us all the details about the site and told us a bunch of stuff about Greek
    mythology. Poseidon’s temple was amazing and the photos that our leader took us were even better. Visiting the small town of Lavrion was fun too, strolling up and down the promenade. A must-do when you visit Athens! Thank you #tag ATHENS team!

    Martha V., September 4, 2021

    I don’t think I have had so much fun participating in a tour before. Our tour leader was AMAZING. He took us to a lot of hidden places in Athens, was very informative about the history and mythology of the area, and made sure that we were enjoying ourselves every single second of our bike tour. I hadn’t thought of it, but eventually, the Electric Bike Tour was the perfect way to see Athens. Thank you #tag ATHENS team!

    Claudio B., October 25, 2021

    We have booked the Acropolis Morning Tour with #tag ATHENS and we couldn’t have made a better choice. Our guide was excellent. She was extremely knowledgeable and a lot of fun too. You can’t help falling in love with the Acropolis. Parthenon temple was incredible and the 360 view all over Athens was amazing. We will definitely come back for more asap.

    Frank D., June 23, 2021

    #tag ATHENS


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